Wound Care

  • Your hand will be covered with a large bulky bandage
  • Keep this bandage completely dry for 24 hours
  • Remove this bandage 24 hours after surgery
  • Keep incision and your hand clean and dry
    • Wash with soap and water, dry with towel
    • You may wash your hand but do not immerse hand in water
  • Apply a small amount of Neosporin ointment to the incision twice a day
    • Do not use any other lotions or creams
  • The incision should be left uncovered
  • You will have sutures in your hand; please do not remove or manipulate them

General Instructions

  • Keep your hand clean
  • You may shower – unless otherwise instructed
  • Do not swim or immerse the incision in water
  • Do not smoke cigarettes or use nicotine products
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Avoid using the hand that had surgery
  • Driving may be difficult:  you should not use the hand that had surgery to operate the automobile
  • No strenuous or contact sports
  • You will be given a prescription for pain medication; this medication should last until your return visit
  • You may only require Tylenol for pain relief

Call Dr. McMorrow if any of the following occur

  • You develop a fever (temperature greater than 101.5), chills, nausea, vomiting
  • Your incision is red or starts to drain fluid
  • Your incision is excessively painful
  • You are concerned that something is wrong or do not understand activity restrictions

Return Visit

  • You will be seen in clinic 2 weeks after your surgery
  • Call office if you do not have 2 week follow up visit scheduled
  • Bring all your medications to follow up visits

To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your first appointment, please contact our Rochester clinic at 585-434-5492, or write to us through our secure Patient Portal.

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