For a patient undergoing a fusion procedure, a bone growth stimulator will be prescribed.

A bone growth stimulator is a supplemental form of treatment to enhance your body’s bone healing process.

How Bone Growth Stimulators Work

Your bones are living tissue with the ability to heal themselves.

Your body creates an electrical field that promotes the healing process.

A bone growth stimulator enhances the body’s natural bone healing process.

They emit a series of electrical impulses or ultrasound waves that create pressure on the tissue of the bone. This pressure stimulates bone-forming cells to create and mineralize new bone through the process of remodeling.

As new bone tissue forms along the affected bone, it eventually calcifies, surrounding the bone-forming cell, also known as an osteoblast.

Once enclosed in the bone tissue, these cells change from bone-forming cells to actual bone cells, becoming part of the matrix and repairing the damage.

Preparation for a Bone Growth Stimulator

The bone growth stimulator device is applied externally.

You will need to learn how and when to use it.

The staff at Southern Cross will make sure you have complete instructions before sending you home with the device.

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