The following checklist may help to give you a general idea of the quality of care provided in a Rehab or Skilled Nursing Facility.  Use this list while visiting or during a phone conversation when screening a facility.

Basic Information

  • What is the admission process?
  • What days are admissions accepted?
  • What are visiting hours?
  • What ages are allowed for visitors?
  • Are pets allowed to visit?
  • Are beauty and barber services available?
  • Does my insurance have a preferred Rehab provider that I must use to qualify?
  • 7What is the cost and will my insurance company cover all or part of my cost?

Rehabilitation Services

  • What is the therapy schedule?
  • What type of patient and family education support is available?
  • What type of equipment is provided at the facility?
  • What type of discharge planning and assistance is available

Resident Rooms

  • Are the rooms homelike, clean, cheerful, and bright?
  • Are private rooms available?
  • Is the temperature of the room comfortable?
  • Does each resident have his or her own window?
  • Is access to cable television/Wi-Fi provided?
  • Is each room equipped with a telephone?
  • Are there extra fees for these services?

Hallway and Lounge Areas

  • Is the facility well maintained, clean, well-lit, and free of unpleasant odors?
  • Are there sufficient and quiet areas where residents can visit with family and friends?
  • Does the facility have a smoking policy?
  • Is there an outside area for residents to use?


  • Are activities offered?
  • Are leisure materials accessible to residents?
  • Is access to computer/internet available?
  • Are personal religious needs met if desired?

Menu and Dining

  • Is a consultation with a nutritionist available?
  • Are the dining areas pleasant and clean?
  • Are residents encouraged to eat in the dining rooms?
  • Can resident’s family dine with a resident?
  • Are alternative menu options available?
  • Are nutritious snacks available upon request?

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